49th International Competition of Bouquets was held on 4 and 5 June 2016 in Monaco under the Presidency of HSH Princess of Hanover Caroline. 

The designer Elena Sivoldaeva brightened up  the event by presenting a magnificent  floral arrangement 4.5 m in height  “The Princess of Roses”. Thousands of roses of different varieties were used for the creation of this composition. At the head of the composition there was a beautiful doll running around in a dress in roses and with a necklace and bracelet of natural pearls. This girl represented Princesse Grace, who created and patronized this competition.


The chief decorator of the Competition approved the project of Elena Sivoldaeva


The designer Elena Sivoldaeva and the little Princesse of Roses


The rose is getting bigger


The Princesse of Roses is in all its glory!