Brand name Elena Sivoldaeva. This is a philosophy of connecting past, present and future. To really experience it, you have to uncover what’s hidden inside. This is realization of designer, Russian Academy of Arts honorary member, Elena Sivoldaeva’s creativity, professionalism and talent. Designer and creator of exclusive jewelry, furniture, interior design pieces, landscaping pieces, clothes and accessories, stylist of her own projects and photos, Elena Sivoldaeva maintains absolute authorial and creative integrity over her projects.

All items are one of a kind, registered and protected by Hautier Intellectual Property.

The designer Elena Sivoldaeva has created an unique piece of art – the ring called «The Symbol» – which will be exposed on the jewelry display «The Principality» dedicated to the history of Monaco as well as the creative exclusive jewelry set «The Knots Sailors».

The high jewelry pieces created by designer Elena Sivoldaeva represent the mystery and surprise.

Elena Sivoldaeva’s exclusive jewelry pieces: «Scarlet Flower», «Cinderella’s Crystal Slipper», «Found…In the cabbage!»… Why fairy tales? Because they take us back to our childhood, where our imagination rules and limitations don’t exist. Childhood, where fairy tale is our reality, where good always wins over evil. Do you want your life to become a fairy tale? Start believing in fairy tales and it will become true!

Exclusive jewelry pieces can be seen at different exhibits in different countries. Information on location and time of such exhibits can be found in “News” section.