On November 14th-15th 2015, the Grimaldi Forum, the main exhibition and concert complex of Monaco,  hosted the International Wedding Salon Monte-Carlo 2015, an of wedding fashion organized by “SAYES Excellence in Wedding Fairs”. The stand and the collection’s creativity were appreciated by the Committee organizers. According to their decision, designer Elena Sivoldaeva was awarded the Gold Leaf award for  “The most beautiful stand”. Premio Foglio d’Oro “Lo Stand piu’ Bello”.


Дизайнер Елена Сиволдаева на выставочном стенде " Elena Sivoldaeva " после вручения премии Сусальное Золото в номинации "Самый красивый стенд"


IMG_1265 2


Many companies involved in the organization and preparation of wedding receptions, as well as designers of wedding dresses and suits for men from Italy, France and Monaco took part in the exhibition. Designer Elena Sivoldaeva presented an exceptional collection of handmade accessories and clothes for a truly unique bride in the world. Hats, jewelry, an unusual hat with a bride veil, as well as a wedding dress and coat for a wedding held in cool weather: each piece of the collection is handmade, and so are the materials used to create them.






Designer Elena Sivoldaeva’s main activity is the creation of jewelry. While working on the collection of bridal clothes and accessories, she created the “Bridal Bouquet”, a piece of jewelry – a jewelry box which is original in both design and execution. This “magic bouquet” will hold the warmest and dearest memories of this meaningful day in the life of a young woman: the day her family is born.


IMG_3582Designer Elena Sivoldayeva demonstrates her exquisite piece of jewelry – the jewelry box “Bridal Bouquet “. Handmade dress and hat by Elena Sivoldaeva.



Designer Elena Sivoldaeva elaborated the concept of her stand specially to show her collection. She recreated the atmosphere of a snowy garden and the warmth of the bride’s house on a cold winter day. At the exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to see the ceremonial preparation of the bride to one of the most important days in her life.







The original idea to play an impromptu performance delighted the organizers of the exhibition and its numerous visitors. Television channels from Italy and Monaco expressed a great interest in the collection itself and in the originality of the stand.

IMG_3519Italian TV crew shooting a report about designer Elena Sivoldaeva presenting her original concept of wedding fashion.



Designer Elena Sivoldaeva demonstrates the wedding dress and accessories “Tea-rose” during  the International Wedding Salon Monte-Carlo 2015 at the exhibition and concert complex Grimaldi Forum, Monaco. Handmade dress and accessories by Elena Sivoldaeva.


Each element of the designer collection by Elena Sivoldaeva is made in a single copy.
All pieces of the collection are protected by designer Elena Sivoldaeva’s copyright, registered by the Hautier Intellectual Property Company.